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The Pilates method

The correct application of the Pilates technique generates:


  • Better posture and a balanced body

  • General health

  • Improved self-image

  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation


The Pilates method was created by Joseph H. Pilates during the First World War and its original name was “Contrology”. The discipline promotes full body, mind and spirit coordination, increases mental vigour and muscle power reducing fatigue and muscle weakness.


By practicing Pilates, muscles become more flexible and stronger which in time gives better posture and a balanced body, general health improvement and injury prevention among others. Pilates can be practised from childhood to any adult age, since the technique can be adapted to the needs of the students.


Pilates Principles


The Pilates method is based on six main principles that are the foundation to obtain positive results in the application of the technique.


  • Centering: Known as the Power house, it refers to the engagement of the deep core muscles closest to the spine.

  • Breathing: Focusing on the appropriate breathing improves lung capacity which brings more oxygen into the muscles and produces better body functioning.

  • Control, concentration, precision and fluency refer to the quality, accuracy and grace with which movements are performed.

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