Remote Pilates sessions

By Susana Ceballos

“In childhood, habits are easily formed – good and bad. Why not then concentrate on the formation of only good habits..."

Joseph H. Pilates


Introduction to Pilates or functional active movement.


Susana has been working with my  6-year-old son for nearly a year now and in that time, I have noticed a huge transformation in Isaac’s core strength. Isaac has found moving multiple body parts at once very difficult, however he is making gradual improvements with his coordination.

Andrea Florez

My daughter never wanted to do exercises, but she loves practising Pilates. She really enjoyed the classes and has clearly improved her core muscles. Susanna helped her over 6 sessions to build up her knowledge of a large range of exercises, that she can now do by herself.

James Albert

After my son was diagnosed with hypermobile joints I was searching for a children's pilates class. I'm so glad that I discovered Kids Pilates in Action as it has made such a big difference to his posture in day to day activities. Susana makes the classes fun and interesting - even for an 11year old boy!

Victoria Nicholson