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Kids Pilates in Action

Our Mission


Be part of the wellness community that promotes a healthy environment for children’s development; by using the Pilates technique as a core activity to become an alternative to increase children’s wellbeing and body awareness.


 “Kids Pilates in Action” (KPA) is a programme whose purpose is teaching Pilates to children to create body-posture awareness from a young age to prevent health problems in adulthood.  By practising Pilates, kids can get stronger and more flexible muscles that could provide better balance and coordination.


Working in line with the UK’s government plans to engage children in physical activity, KPA’s programme intends to improve children’s overall fitness. The Pilates programme promotes good posture and healthy habits contributing to the prevention of diseases resulting from an inactive lifestyle.


Our proposal is to make Pilates accessible for kids; thus our sessions are short and fun. We design our classes according to the children’s group age. The KPA programme focuses not only on teaching Pilates, but also aims to promote a healthy lifestyle for children, in which parents and education institutions can participate.



Our Values

  • Be committed to children by developing and delivering quality and fun classes that could transfer the benefits of Pilates to them
  • Be an innovative company that is constantly expanding skills needed to provide better service in the interest of the children
  • Be a professional and passionate team that works with high standards, to inspire children to get involved into the practice of Pilates and healthy habits
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