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Kids Pilates -private Stage 1

Although there is an ideal age to start with body awareness sessions for kids to develop stronger muscles, Kids Pilates private sessions are the best way to engage them in this practice with a personalised and enjoyable class, even from a young age. 

If you think your child needs to get stronger core muscles and posture improvement, you can try this excellent option that would make your children proud of themselves, aware of their bodies and will put a smile on their faces.


Ask for details. 

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We proudly announce that we have got the highest rating in our Quality Assurance, awarded by The Institute of Children's Activity Providers, the Three Gold Kites.

ICAP's rating systems went through key compliance areas in the children's activities industry regulations such as Safeguarding children, anti-bullying, Emergency procedures and risk assessments.

The rating also assessed our teaching and training programmes. We had to prove that our sessions are child-friendly, tailored to the individual needs and designed to allow progress.

So, we feel confident that our sessions help children in their physical development by following the children's activities industry's highest standards.

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