Susana Ceballos


“As a Pilates instructor with more than eleven years of experience,  I have repeatedly witnessed people struggling with issues related to their bad body posture; in many of the cases, this is due to the lack of exercise or for not exercising properly.


According to my findings, this situation might have been avoided if they had learnt how to use their bodies wisely at an early age.

It is in this context where my idea of teaching Pilates to children was born.”

Susana Ceballos

Susana is the founder of “Kids Pilates in Action” whose primary purpose is to create body posture awareness in children through the practice of Pilates, thereby helping to prevent body misalignments in adulthood.


Apart from her experience as Pilates instructor she is also a designer and entrepreneur. She moved to London and recently completed her Master’s degree in Business Administration at Anglia Ruskin University where she was endorsed to participate in their entrepreneurship programme. Originally from Mexico, Susana was the CEO of a branding company that managed a broad portfolio for more than 20 years, including seven Fortune 500 companies.


Susana has got a solid dance background, and she started to practise Pilates to correct her posture issues; when she realised how useful this was for her, she decided to become an instructor to help others to get the same benefits from Pilates.


Susana truly believes that by giving attention to their bodies, people can accomplish both their professional and personal goals more efficiently.


Susana Ceballos
Managing Director
Level 3 mat & equipment Pilates Instructor/

Physical Activity for Children Instructor