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Susana Ceballos


“As a Pilates instructor with more than seventeen years of experience,  I have repeatedly witnessed people struggling with issues related to their bad body posture; in many of the cases, this is due to the lack of exercise or for not exercising properly.


According to my findings, this situation might have been avoided if they had learnt how to use their bodies wisely at an early age.

It is in this context where my idea of teaching Pilates to children was born.”

Susana Ceballos

I'm Susana Ceballos, the founder of Kids Pilates in Action in 2015. My objective with this project was to help children create body posture awareness to prevent misalignments in adulthood.

Joseph Pilates believed that good and bad habits are easily formed in childhood. Therefore, he stated that we should concentrate on creating good habits only; to avoid using the time to correct the bad ones: 'First, educate the child'. 

I started the practice of Pilates in my youth to get help with my back and posture issues. When I realised how useful this was for me, I decided to become an instructor. My solid background in dancing made things easier for me, and I quickly started teaching to help others get similar benefits. 

I genuinely believe that people can accomplish their professional and personal goals more efficiently by paying attention to their bodies. Let's help children understand the importance of well-being to form successful and happy people. 

Susana Ceballos, MBA
Managing Director

  • Pilates matwork & Studio equipment Instructor, Level 3

  • Fitness Exercise Instructor for Children, Level 2

  • Level 4 Lower Back Pain Management Specialist

  • Exercise Referral Instructor —Fitness for chronic medical conditions, Level 3


  • Infection Prevention & Control in Education Level 2

  • Education for all —Disability, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Outstanding Physical Education Lessons

  • Mental health awareness for Sport and Physical Activity

  • Bone health and Osteoporosis

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