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Exercise Lists

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Following a sequence of exercises is paramount to getting the most out of one's Pilates practice. Children like to know what they are doing next, and repetitive movements create body muscle memory.

Kids Pilates in Action's sequences are designed to match children's abilities and tastes. Our method has proven to be effective with all our students.

Track your child's progress by upgrading their practice; we have four levels of sequences.


I can advise on which level is convenient for your child, but if you or your child need to learn how to do the new exercises, you can always book a one-off or a course of online sessions with me to have a good start. 

The exercise lists work excellently when they are combined with the flashcards. Check them out on the price list. 

Digital file in PDF
Each exercise list.............£5

Printed and laminated version
sent by mail
Each exercise list       ....£ 12


Please send an email to order and do include the name of your child.

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