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Flash Cards

Practise at home with your child exercises according to their level of fitness and focus.

The cards are available in 4 levels of difficulty. You can get advice on what level is convenient for your child.

You can get the digital file to print out at home or the physical presentation.

Digital version
PDF file........ £10 any level

Comes with instructions to assemble the flashcards. Please specify which level.

Rolling instructions.jpg

Flashcards set
physical presentation

Flashcard have the image of the exercise at the front and the explanation at the back.

Size 9x 6 cm.

Level 1........ £20
Contains 18 flashcards

Level 2 ........ £20
Contains 20 flashcards

Level 3 .........£25
Contains 24 flashcards

Level 4..........£25
Contains 28 flashcards

Please send an email describing the option you would like to receive or asking for advice. 

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