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Pilates at your school

An invitation to your school


Pilates is a non-impact exercise discipline that offers a new alternative to your pupils; some of its benefits are:


  • Strengthens and tones children's muscles thus assists in their physical development

  • Prepares children's musculoskeletal systems for the practice of sports and prevents injuries

  • Creates body awareness to prevent poor body posture

In Kids Pilates in Action (KPA) our primary objective is to make children aware of their bodies and create consciousness of the importance of good body posture. We go beyond our Pilates sessions and foster healthy habits in children to influence them to become more active. Our sessions are designed in a fun format and according to children's age to grab their attention using their imagination.


Furthermore, giving an alternative to the less sporty kids, our Pilates classes join the schools and government agenda to reduce the lack of activity that has growing numbers of diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.


Additionally, our Pilates programme intends to engage parents and teachers in the practice of Pilates, creating a healthier environment for the community.


Enrolling your pupils in a Pilates course as part of curricular activities or as an after school activity will enrich your existing P.E. programmes with a non-impact activity which has significant benefits for your pupils. Incorporating Pilates into your agenda will also make your school stand out from other school offers.

Contact us to arrange a free Pilates demo-session with your pupils or to participate in our pilot programme hosting our Pilates sessions at your school.


We are positive that together we can find the best options for your organisation to become part of this exciting initiative.

Kids Pilates in Action
...lifetime wellbeing

"The first pilot (Pilates in the Schools Program) was the beginning of what eventually became the PMA's Pilates 4 Youth iniatitive, offering children and adolescents the opportunity to experience mental, physical and emotional health benefits inherent in the Pilates Method."


Dawn-Marie Ickes

Director of the 'Pilates in the Schools Program'. US 2003-2009


Extract from the book "Pilates for Children and Adolescents". Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), 2014.

Susana’s Pilates presentation to our school was interactive...

Both, students and teachers alike were impressed ... and I would recommend to other schools and groups without hesitation.

Elizabeth Jeffries

School Manager

InterHigh School

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