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BackCare Awareness Week 2021

The BackCare Charity is running the BackCare week from the 4-8th of October.

Back pain is an issue that these days affects anyone from the adult population to children and teenagers. According to an article published by "The Bone and Joint Journal", the probability of experience back pain among teenagers in the UK ranges between 10-30%. It is more common now than previously, especially for children between 13 and 15 years.

A publication of an NHS Trust mentions that a research study found that in 2019, 72% of primary school children and 64% of secondary school teens suffered from back and neck pain.

These figures do not mean that we are facing an alarming health problem since, in many cases, it could be just a mild pain linked to their growing process or poor posture habits; however, they show that there is an increasing problem that has to be addressed.

Extended hours of using devices, carrying heavy school backpacks, adopting poor body posture, and lack of sufficient exercise are some causes. Encouraging appropriate body movement, knowledge and exercising habits is a preventive measure to avoid chronic back pain.

Introducing your children and teenagers to the topic of body awareness and backcare allows them to have a healthier adult life.

I am joining the national efforts to raise backcare awareness, and I am hosting a complimentary session, "My Happy Back", on Thursday the 7th of October at 5 pm on Zoom.

I am also giving a complimentary class for adults with the same topic on Wednesday the 6th of October from 6-7 pm. For any of the classes, please reply to this email to save your space.

Movement is the golden key to care about our backs. Healthy eating, sleeping and exercising would help to take care of our spine, body and mind.

Don't miss this chance to raise your family's backcare awareness!!


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