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Have fun during the lockdown

Does the second lockdown discourage you?

Do not allow this to happen and to avoid it; you just need to think on your kids. Children, as we know, are like sponges, and they will absorb from you all your attitudes, positive or negative.

I know we are all struggling to stay positive in this situation, but we need to look at the big picture. We are doing this to restore the world the way we know it, meaning you and your family could be and stay better. So, we have to think about this reason for keeping our minds clear of negative thoughts and staying optimistic.

Sharing activities with your kids will help you to remember why you are doing all this. Surely, you already are walking to the park to take your kids to the playground, or you are allowing them to go for a scooter or bicycle ride; but maybe you need to do more than that.

Do you remember the games you used to play outdoors when you were a kid? Well, be a kid again and play hopscotch, kick the can, marbles, or tag games with your children. Do not worry, in the park anyone will think you are too old for doing that. Actually, they will envy you.

At home, there are also great options for playing with your kids like hiding and seek, hand-claps games, jump-rope, musical chairs, or doing exercise with a video. Try to set at least one hour to play with your children, do not be a spectator only, because that will not help you to establish a bond with your kids; you may even get annoyed with their noise instead.

Following this idea of sharing with your kids and at the same time staying healthy, I was thinking of having a Pilates class on Saturday afternoon for mum/dad and kid. Let me know if this is any of your interest to set it out. It will be an easy but relaxing half-an-hour class.

The bottom line of this message is that I hope you can keep your spirits up these days by using this time to establish a stronger bond with your kids.

Have fun!!

Susana Ceballos

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