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One year of lessons from the pandemic

As incredible as it sounds, one year has passed since we started with the pandemic, the lockdowns, and the virtual life.

The whole situation has been not only disturbing but immensely disruptive. The need to do everything from home has been strange. In many cases, it has brought lots of inconvenient and unfortunate moments for all of us. Nonetheless, there is always a way to see the positive features, and one of them is, by no doubt, the opportunity to spend more time with our loved ones.

Surely you can think of good things like, for example, the chance to talk and get to know your kids better, exercise with them, or see how they handle their schoolwork. Experiences that allow you to build up your kids' resilience during demanding situations.

Changes have been stressful and challenging, and for many difficult to overcome. However, there are also a handful of benefits from which you can make a long list:

  • Thankfulness for being alive and healthy

  • Appreciation of the simple and beautiful things

  • Connection with nature that gives you time for self-reflection

  • The chance to use the time allocated for commuting in something more productive

  • Saving money on transport since you can do now much more activities online

  • No waiting times, which you can instead wisely use at home

The list of benefits could be endless if you concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives of these pandemic times.

Furthermore, think about what kind of things you have changed these days you can keep for the rest of your life. Stay grateful; exercising regularly, being close to your family could be some of the treasures you can preserve as part of your new good habits.

For example, if you think that you have had enough of the online classes, think instead about the benefits you have had from them like:

  • Access to lessons that otherwise you would not be able to get because of the location or scheduled times

  • The feeling of relief you get knowing that your kids are learning something useful and in the comfort of your house

  • Affordable prices and time saved in long waits and transport

  • The possibility to have access to professional services that were out of your reach before

  • Making your kids responsible for their learning

Indeed, it does not mean that you will keep all your sessions online as we do now, but you can find a good balance between the two worlds.

Hopefully, you have learned how to coordinate your times and your children's and make the most from your 'online' life during this long year of adjustments. If you have not and are on the brink of madness, try to focus and write a list of things that make you feel overwhelmed and grateful. Being conscious of the things that bother you will help you look for improvement and being thankful for what you have will help you put things in perspective.

Finally, consider that you are responsible for building up resilience to emerge stronger from this epic scenario for yourself and your children.

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